All clients hosted on the server Albacore have been transferred to a new server

  • Monday, 13th July, 2015
  • 18:05pm
We are pleased to announce that we have prepared a new server with better specifications and all clients have been transferred already.
I felt the need to boost the current servers so that we can host your websites on hardware that is up-to-date and made them the new standard. We also needed to move forward with the current technology.
Now I do not like to reserve all the new stuff for new customers as I do appreciate the long term customers who have showed faith in our business and kept us going over the years. So if we have a great deal, we love to give you a good share of it.

The new servers have seen an ingrease of internal memory and contain now SSD hard disks which will be our new standard for any other server we may launch. We also could prepare the new server with the most recent CentOS 7.1. This, however, has a slight drawback.
Tomcat support has had a great run with cPanel & WHM. Unfortunately we will not be adding support for Tomcat in CentOS 7 due to various reasons. The Tomcat version that cPanel supports is out of date, and not supported on CentOS 7. Updating Tomcat to a newer version requires numerous dependency changes, that cannot be fulfilled by the OS directly. So we no longer support Tomcat but we still made the switch as none of our current customers would be infected by this dissicion. It's possible that Tomcat support will come back eventually at a later stadium.

We have noticed that RVSkins that we used as your default skin when you loged on into your cPanel, could not keep up with all the new technology and feutures added to your account. So we have desided to remove RVSkins and it is no longer available. We will however support the RVSitebuilder Pro as long we have customers using it.

Now some good stuff that will benefit you directly.
This and new servers we use to host your websites on, are now prepared for the new IPv6. In fact, each cPanel account will receive their own dedicated IPv6 so that you are online at a shared server IP as well your own IPv6. Your website will now also be accessible by machines that solely communicate over the new IPv6.
We have also increased disk space and bandwidth to our high end packages that includes the Web Hosting Manager control panel. To be specific, the packages "Dolphins", "Goldfish" and "Swordfish" will see their disk space doubled and bandwidth trippled. Again, this is not a deal for new customers only but our current and much appreciated customers see their account upgraded.
We are looking into our other packages and likely they will see some increase of available disk space as well. However, we no longer offer the low end packages to new customers that starts with a name of "DS-..". We will announce an coupon to use if you are hosted on such package to make it attractive to upgrade your package. But you do not have to of course.

We now include a new feature that dramatically reduces the amount of spam you receive: Greylisting.
Greylisting is the process of deferring emails from unknown senders. When the email arrives, Greylisting causes the server to return a message that boils down to, “I’m busy at the moment, try again in a bit.” Valid Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs), like Exim, will automatically retry many times. This retry time can be several minutes to start and last for several days. Invalid MTAs will simply give up and move to the next enticing spam target. We use these retry attempts as a way to weed out good email from bad. You are able to control which of your domains use Greylisting through the Greylisting interface in both PaperLantern and x3 skin. You will see a list of domains that you control and a simple toggle to disable or enable Greylisting. Bulk actions to enable all or disable all are included in a gear icon located in the top right corner.
We enable Greylisting by default on all accounts and can be disabled by you.
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