Build the Perfect Package

  • Monday, 6th June, 2016
  • 15:11pm
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Get more freedom to choose what you need. No one customer is the same. The Configurable Package provides you with a variety of options to buy. We now allow you to customize those packages to fit your needs. However, we already provided everything unlimited, everything but the disk space and bandwidth. So all we can do is provide you with the abillity to customize your needed disk space and bandwidth to your needs.

Hands Free Automation

Everything will be setup automatically. The Configurable Package will provision automatically, do automatic upgrade/downgrade calculations along with account set up. Getting started is easy, choose the custom package and slide along untill you are satisfied with the price, ammount of disk space and bandwidth.
If you require more resources at an later stadium, then it is easy to add more resources. Prices will then be pro-rated calculated by the system.

Start Configuring your Custom Package
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