How to Change Your cPanel Password Print

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Please remember to make your password Strong and Secure. This tutorial will assume that you are logged into your Client Area at our main website. If you are having trouble doing that, please see the tutorial named "How to Login to The Client Area".

Once logged in, at the top of the page you will find a dropdown menu named "MY ACCOUNT (FIRSTNAME)". In this menu click "My Products & Services". Now click the "Manage" button behind the cPanel account you want to modify your password.

Scroll down the page and you will find your current username and password combination, and the fields where you can change your password to cPanel. Keep in mind that this will also change your password for the main FTP account and the main email account cpaneluser@domain.tld (not your extra added email accounts). Click the "Update" button.

Just above the password field you noticed the cPanel login button, this button allows you to login without the need to manually type in your username/password.

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